Project 8

Project 8

Application Used – W20 Internal Door

Description – This project was undertaken with a view to keep the steel looking like steel, with the clients views to keep everything looking as rustic as possible, to tie in with other raw steel items which were being fitted within the property, Cotswold Casements’ took on this challenge to create an internal door which looked as the client wished.

Using the W20 section we created this double door with side screens in a different way to normal, removing our galvanising and powder coating stage, meant that attention to detail at manufacture stage was critical. With steel weld on hinges to keep the finish the same and a hand crafted door handle from our fabricators here in Moreton in Marsh, we delivered a final product that the client was thrilled with.

Photography – Dean Butler

Please see below a gallery of the finished items but please note, we can only do this finish of door internally, for obvious reasons. 

Project 8 Gallery