A huge part of our work comes from our extensive refurbishment service.

We remove your windows and transport them back to our factory, where they are Korro Prime, powder-coated, serviced and re-glazed. When they are as good as new, they'll be expertly re-installed.

Refurbishment Process

  • Your old windows are removed and a temporary glaze is applied to the openings
  • We take them back to our factory in Moreton-in-Marsh, where we take a photographic record
  • Windows are shotblast to remove rust and old layers of paint
  • Any repairs are made and any missing ironmongery is replaced
  • The windows are korro primed & powder coated in a colour of your choice or to match the existing colour
  • New glazing is applied or your existing leaded lights are rebuilt
  • Return to site and refit your newly refurbished windows

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