About Us

Our Story

In 1888 in the small Cotswold town of Moreton-in-Marsh, John H Pye set up in business as a casement maker. By 1906 he was able to boast a wide range of contracts for his gunmetal, bronze and leaded glazing.

From these beginnings were laid the very strong foundation upon which today’s company is based. Down the century the ownership of the business changed as the Pye family line passed on, but the traditions of the metal window craftsmanship and quality have endured.

In 1957 the company became known as the Cotswold Casement Company - affectionately known locally as ‘Casements’ - and today is the oldest manufacturing company in the town. As in 1888, the company remains in private ownership, providing both personal commitment and a sound financial base.

Because of our ability to repair, replace or refurbish windows, we are able to offer impartial advice to other professionals from property or building maintenance personnel to local authorities, architects, surveyors or contractors. In addition, the company has often worked on projects with National Heritage. Whether your requirements are for manufacture, refurbishment or routine maintenance and repair – place your windows in the hands of the experts at Cotswold Casements.