W20 thermal performance meets building regulations

W20 thermal performance meets building regulations

Cotswold Casement Company W20 steel window and door sections offer incredible versatility and are the traditional commercial framing system for domestic and commercial installations where slender profiles and good light transmission are required.


W20 steel windows and doors from Cotswold Casement Company meet the building regulations by achieving a thermal performance of 1.8W/mK and are ideally suited to projects where small pane glazing is required; such as loft apartments, homes and commercial buildings.

Hinged casements, hung at top, bottom or side, and swing windows pivoted horizontally or vertically, can all be constructed from the same kit of W20 profiles which are 32mm wide with 5mm thick flanges. All glazing, whether in fixed lights or casements, is in the same plane and the profile accommodates single and insulating glass units up to 16mm thick, simply with a change of bead.



It can be divided into small panes with tee glazing bars, having a table face width of no more than 29mm.

The range of windows and doors available from Cotswold Casement Company offers style, security and durability and is being employed in top end residential buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and schools as well as being used extensively in refurbishment projects.



Our windows are manufactured from 100% recycled steel and with the ability to be recycled at end of life, steel windows and doors offer good sustainability credentials that are recognised by the BRE’s Green Guide which gives them an above average B rating.

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