The Benefits of Steel Frames - An Architects view

The Benefits of Steel Frames - An Architects view

Architects are the best advisor when it comes to suggestions for materials to use during the build or renvoation of your property. A significant suggestion they will make is the most appropriate material to be used for your doorframes and windows.


From an architects perspective, what are the main benefits of Steel Frame doors?



Steel Frame Doors

The reason why architects suggest steel frames for either commercial or residential establishments are:


  • Steel frames are very strong, as they do not easily bend or break. Steel frames are capable of holding large sheets of glass doors without the fear or worry of the glasses from falling out of the frame and breaking.
  • The Steel frame is extremely durable and it is unlikely for them to get damaged over the years. The doors may just get damaged or broken, but the steel frames will less likely to incur major damages. 


  • Steel frames are available in different designs from the antique to modern styles so it truly matches the architectural design of where it should be placed. Adding elegance and bespoke designs to your doors.


  • It is possible to paint the frames so it will conform to the design and the color of your frames. The paint may also match the drawings on your wall, if you have any.


  • Steel is weather resistant and it also has a very good fire rating compared to other materials. Little maintenance would also be required.



Steel frames are one of the most popular for many reasons, but we commonly see clients choose Steel frames because they are built to last. 

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