Create more space with interior steel partitions

While steel doors and windows are synonymous with rugged performance and slim sight-lines, the distinctive frames offered by Cotswold Casements are also increasingly being chosen to help create stylish interior spaces for locations such as restaurants, hotels and residential properties.

Beat burglars with steel windows and doors

The inherent strength of their frames means that steel windows are the best for safeguarding against unwanted intruders. One of the best deterrents to a prospective thief is the traditional ‘cottage’ style steel window, divided into small panes, with interlocked steel glazing bars.

Choosing the perfect windows for your home

Windows are one of the very few elements of a building that radically affect both the interior and exterior. With so many choices of proportion, material, opening, security and cost, the options can seem bewildering, so here are our pointers for making the best choice for you and your home.

Cotswold Trade Programme

As a little insight, we wanted to share with you that in January 2020, we will be launching our exclusive Cotswold Trade Programme, that will remove the complexity of selling steel windows and doors, putting you back in control of your business!

Why choose Cotswold Casement W20 windows?

Cotswold Casements W20 steel doors and windows are an industry leading product when it comes to transforming your home. With the slimmest sightlines of any type of door or window, we can maximise the light within the room whilst maintaining the durability and strength of steel.

Steel Windows - The sustainable choice

We recently covered some of the common questions people have about steel windows. One area we did not discuss was the thermal efficiency of steel windows. Read on to discover why Steel is the best choice for your windows.

Common Questions about Steel Windows

Here at Cotswold Casement, we love working with steel because of the many advantages it has to offer. Key among these are its incredible strength, longevity and versatility, and its ability to provide elegant sightlines to the openings of any structure. You only need to glance at our commercial and residential photo galleries and see our stunning windows and doors.