Stylish, modern windows and partition screens

Stylish, modern windows and partition screens

Stylish, modern, thermally broken windows with Cotswold Casements.

Cotswold Casement's steel windows give you the best of both worlds: incredible flexibility and immense practicality.

We build to match any style you need for your property, from Georgian elegance to art deco horizonal bars or modern no-bar looks, including fixed, casement and awning windows. All have strong, slim frames to maximise the amount of glass and light. 



The timeless elegance of internal loft-style steel and glass partitions can now be brought to your exterior walls for an unmatched feeling of space and light. In traditional or modern buildings, expansive walls of glass with slim, strong steel frames bring an exceptional combination of sophistication and openness.

Building from steel also gives our frames strength, up to 3 times stronger than aluminium. This protects your partitions from deforming under force, heat or weight.

We can build in any opening combination you need: inward or outward hinged, top or bottom hung, pivoting or tilt & turn. Whatever your property requires, we can provide a hand-built solution for a incomparably stylish, unique look.





Our external doors and windows let in a stunning amount of light from the outside world, but their thermally broken double glazing means that the temperature inside stays just as you want it.

Thermal breaking is a way of insulating your home from the conditions outside. We incorporate a layer of non-thermally conductive material to separate the internal and external facing parts of the frame, keeping them thermally distinct. So whether it's freezing or sweltering outside, your room will stay the temperature you want it. 



If you are looking to tranform your property, get in touch with the team today. 




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