Steel Windows are the smart choice for homeowners

Steel Windows are the smart choice for homeowners

Steel windows are a characteristic feature of many early-20th Century houses and many are still giving as good service as the day they were installed, Cotswold Casement Company are delighted to share with you why they are the best choice for homeowners. 

Today, despite the arrival of new materials, steel windows still offer excellent performance and value, while inherent strength means that they are secure and vandal resistant.



For the past 60 years it has been standard practice for all steel windows to be fully galvanized. They do not rust; and with modern factory-applied polyester powder coatings, neither do they need re-painting for at least 20 years.

Modern steel windows are available either double- or triple-glazed and comply fully with the latest Building Regulations.



One of the enduring attractions of steel windows, for homeowners as well as designers, is their visual appeal. Their slender sight-lines and elegant frame details enhance the appearance of many new buildings and are considered essential to preserve the appearance of classic 1930s architecture.

Since today’s steel windows are all made from recycled steel and are themselves recyclable, they are one of the greenest building products available.



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