Create more space with interior steel partitions

Create more space with interior steel partitions

While steel doors and windows are synonymous with rugged performance and slim sightlines, the distinctive frames offered by Cotswold Casements are also increasingly being chosen to help create stylish interior spaces for locations such as restaurants, hotels and residential properties.



These internal partitions are normally fabricated using the W20 sections, rather than the higher energy performing W30 or W40 systems favoured for exterior openings. Whilst the majority of screens installed are single glazed, some clients still often select double glazed screens – featuring 16mm Krypton filled units. This enables spaces like wine stores to be kept chilled, while diners enjoy warmer ambient temperatures. And the same glass spec’ is also able to cut sound transmission where steel partitions are chosen to create meeting rooms within offices.



Then there is a choice of door types which can be utilised. Side hinged remains the most common, but sliding doors are increasingly popular with customers being able to choose between recessed or face mounted rails; various styles of sliding mechanism are offered to suit the designers preferred aesthetic.

For many situations, fire performance is an important consideration, to which Cotswold Casements has now responded by developing a half-hour fire door. Independent testing has been carried out on both single and double leaf doorsets.



Another recent development has been the introduction of pivot hinges which enables larger and heavier door leafs to be installed; improving pedestrian access and offering an airier aspect once open.

All doors and most partitions will be glazed with toughened or laminated glass for safety, while enhanced locking can be fitted to offer the same security as for exterior applications.

If you are interested in interor steel screens please get in touch with the team.