Common Questions about Steel Windows

Common Questions about Steel Windows

Here at Cotswold Casement, we love working with steel because of the many advantages it has to offer. Key among these are its incredible strength, longevity and versatility, and its ability to provide elegant sightlines to the openings of any structure. You only need to glance at our commercial and residential photo galleries and see our stunning windows and doors in situ at, for example, The Principal hotel, Manchester, to see a full scope of what our work has to offer. 


Over the years we have worked with a broad range of homeowners and building professionals and it is surprising how many misconceptions people hold about steel and steel windows. Here we’ve put together answers to some of the most common things we hear about using steel in order to bust the myths once and for all.


“Aren’t steel windows unattractive?”

The impressive flexibility of steel enables us to create beautifully shaped frames which can either replicate the traditional aesthetic of Listed Buildings and other heritage projects or just as easily complement a modern new build in the fashionable ‘industrial’ style. With steel, very fine frames are achievable giving you broad openings through which an abundance of natural light will flood. The malleability of steel means frames can be moulded simply into a wide variety of shapes and designs.


“Steel is just what they used before we had alternative materials”

Whilst it is true that steel is a traditional building material which has been used in fenestration for many years, one of the reasons so many people opt for steel windows in their homes or offices is its strength and longevity compared to other materials, such as aluminium. Steel is the strongest material on the market for windows and doors and we offer a pioneering multi-point locking system to give you added peace of mind when it comes to security. Plus, at Cotswold Casement we offer the slimmest possible sightlines on the market – something which is just not possible with other materials.


 “I’ve heard that steel windows are high maintenance and hard to clean – is that true?”

It couldn’t be easier to maintain your steel windows. When properly maintained you will enjoy stunning windows and doors for years to come. Our steel windows are hot dip galvanised and available in a range of powder paint colours, the global leaders in advanced performance surface coatings. 


“Steel windows are too expensive”

When taking price into consideration, ask yourself: how long do I want my windows to last? Whilst you could expect aluminium windows to last on average 15-20 years, your hot dip galvanised steel frames will last for generations – possibly even outliving the building they are installed into. When you think about steel’s natural strength and durability, combined with a generally low cost maintenance regime, steel will outperform other materials time and time again.


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If you have any questions about steel frames that you feel we haven’t answered in this blog, please contact a member of the Cotswold Casement team today and we’ll be happy to advise you further.