Choosing Bi-Folding Doors

Choosing Bi-Folding Doors

Choose Cotswold Casement's to design, manufacture and install your Steel Bi-Fold Doors. Which give you a strong, secure way to bring the outdoors in. 

Cotswold Casement's Beautiful doors bring a modern, industrial-style design and functionality to your home or workspace. Our bi-fold external doors allow an amazing level of light into the room, while being strong and secure enough to open up an entire exterior wall, merging your interior living space with the outside.





All of our frames at Cotswold Casement's are crafted from steel, which is up to three times stronger than aluminium alternatives, giving you doors that are less likely to warp under weight, force or heat. This strength also means we can offer slimmer frames and improved sightlines, maximising light and space without compromising security. Our frames also come powder-coated as standard, to keep your steel pristine.

Our external partitions have some of the slimmest profiles in the industry, refusing to compromise on either strength or elegance.



Bi-fold doors are incredibly versitile, fitting in to your design vision. We offer these frames in a wide range of colours and finishes, so your doors will compliment whatever space you put them in. Contact our team for inspiration. 



Cotswold Casement's external doors and windows let in a stunning amount of light from the outside world, but their thermally broken double glazing means that the temperature inside stays just as you want it.

Thermal breaking is a way of insulating your home from the conditions outside. We incorporate a layer of non-thermally conductive material to separate the internal and external facing parts of the frame, keeping them thermally distinct. So whether it's freezing or sweltering outside, your room will stay the temperature you want it. 



For more information or to start the process of choosing your perfect bi-fold door. Get in touch with our team today.

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