Choose our Heritage Steel, Replacement Windows

Choose our Heritage Steel, Replacement Windows

Enhance your home with Cotswold Casement's heritage steel replacement windows.  

Our windows are Slimline and premium quality windows with style, security and energy efficiency. Our sleek and beautiful windows provide the perfect replacement for old steel windows.



Steel-replacement windows and screens

Cotswold Casement's premium and desirable steel replacement windows provide similar sight lines to old metal windows, right down to the thin glazing bars and putty line details. We can create the different types of opening sashes of old metal windows. We can re-create the horizontal and vertical glazing bars typical of old metal windows, both inside and out. Guaranteed to provide the authentic steel window appearance. 

We also offer conventional casement windows therefore ideal for your new extension or replacement of your old windows. You can even choose combination units comprising fixed and opening elements as well as our steel replacement doors.


Enjoy many colour choices

Our steel-replacement systems come in over many different colours. Black or grey is ideal for this style of window, bringing out the thin proportions of the thermally insulated sections.  Ideal for hardwood subframes, stone mullions, render or fixing directly to brickwork.

Durable, tactile colours are perfect for contemporary industrial looking windows and screens. Tactile, durable surfaces look stunning and will look good for decades to come.



For more information on our heritage steel replacement windows, visit here or email

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