Maintain your Steel Windows

Steel windows are extremely easy to maintain. Because they are not prone to cracking or bowing, and if they have been properly hot dip galvanised by a reputable manufacturer and coated with a polyester powder paint, they are not going to rust.

W30 Windows Transform Residential Property

W30 windows are the ideal replacement for your existing steel windows with slim sightlines and using the latest technology in double glazing. We have installed our W30 window throughout the country with great results both improving aesthetics and the thermal efficiency of people’s homes.

The perfect window for residential renovations

When shopping for windows for your home renovation we think our W30 Windows are the perfect solution. They are designed for energy efficiency, and at Cotswold Casements we offer the slimmest steel options available currently on the market.

Replacement Windows for traditional homes

If you are a homeowner living in a traditional home, you may be thinking now is the time for an upgrade of the windows, but replacing windows can be confusing when you are looking to maintain the style and look of the home, so not to lose its character.

Why choose Cotswold Casement W20 windows?

Cotswold Casements W20 steel doors and windows are an industry leading product when it comes to transforming your home. With the slimmest sightlines of any type of door or window, we can maximise the light within the room whilst maintaining the durability and strength of steel.

Steel Windows - The sustainable choice

We recently covered some of the common questions people have about steel windows. One area we did not discuss was the thermal efficiency of steel windows. Read on to discover why Steel is the best choice for your windows.

Common Questions about Steel Windows

Here at Cotswold Casement, we love working with steel because of the many advantages it has to offer. Key among these are its incredible strength, longevity and versatility, and its ability to provide elegant sightlines to the openings of any structure. You only need to glance at our commercial and residential photo galleries and see our stunning windows and doors.