Everything you need to know about Steel Windows

Looking to uncover the steel windows myths? Wanting to work with a manufacturer but unsure where to start? Read our full Steel Windows and Doors breakdown here!

Create more space with interior steel partitions

While steel doors and windows are synonymous with rugged performance and slim sight-lines, the distinctive frames offered by Cotswold Casements are also increasingly being chosen to help create stylish interior spaces for locations such as restaurants, hotels and residential properties.

Choose heritage style Steel Windows and Doors

There are many choices when looking at new or refitted windows, doors and screens for both residential and commercial buildings. Yet the one material the specifier can be truly sure of in terms of longevity, flexibility and beauty is steel.

The Steel Window Myth Explained

There are many different profiles, which are all supplied by one supplier, a company called Montanstahl. They hot roll the steel to form the profiles used by window manufacturers. You will see the likes of W20, W30, W40, W40, W50TB etc used in the UK. (for architects only this bit: If you specify a Shueco aluminium window system, Shueco will ask one of their fabricators to manufacture and install it for them, as Shueco are the aluminium profile system producer. Montanstahl are the producer of the steel window profile systems.)

Beat burglars with steel windows and doors

The inherent strength of their frames means that steel windows are the best for safeguarding against unwanted intruders. One of the best deterrents to a prospective thief is the traditional ‘cottage’ style steel window, divided into small panes, with interlocked steel glazing bars.

We are Open!

Just a quick note to let you know that Cotswold Casements are OPEN for business. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Steel windows and doors, look no further.

Stylish, modern windows and partition screens

Stylish, modern, thermally broken windows with Cotswold Casements. Cotswold Casement's steel windows give you the best of both worlds: incredible flexibility and immense practicality.

Choose our Heritage Steel, Replacement Windows

Enhance your home with Cotswold Casement's heritage steel replacement windows. Our windows are Slimline and premium quality windows with style, security and energy efficiency. Our sleek and beautiful windows provide the perfect replacement for old steel windows.

Choosing Bi-Folding Doors

Choose Cotswold Casement's to design, manufacture and install your Steel Bi-Fold Doors. Which give you a strong, secure way to bring the outdoors in. Cotswold Casement's Beautiful doors bring a modern, industrial-style design and functionality to your home or workspace. Our bi-fold external doors allow an amazing level of light into the room, while being strong and secure enough to open up an entire exterior wall, merging your interior living space with the outside.

What are SMW Windows?

Cotswold Casement Company Standard Metal Window (SMW) ‘F’ Series window range has been manufactured since the 1920s, and is a stylish solution for a number of aesthetically sensitive historical projects. Available only single glazed, SMW windows are primarily used today for bespoke replacement work in Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings, where a suitable geometric match is required and double glazing is not an option.

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