Cotswold Property Renovation

Cotswold Casements offers a range of different windows to suit every property. We take great pride in our large range or Windows and Doors. Check out this stunning Window renovation in the Cotswolds.

Transform the interior of your home

At Cotswold Casements, we're always on the lookout for new ideas. The recent trend for industrial design has sparked an interest in steel doors and screens as an interior feature. This creates the feel of a room within a room, with slim steel sections to maintain maximum light throughout the area.

Window refurbishment in the Cotswolds

A huge part of our company output is our extensive refurbishment service. We remove your windows and transport them back to our factory, where they are galvanized, powder coated, serviced and re-glazed. When they are as good as new, they'll be expertly re-installed.

W20 Internal Door Case Study

This project was undertaken with a view to keep the steel looking like steel, with the clients views to keep everything looking as rustic as possible, to tie in with other raw steel items which were being fitted within the property, Cotswold Casements’ took on this challenge to create an internal door which looked as the client wished.