Perimeter Sealants


The joint sealants between window frame and wall opening, and at couplings between window units, will generally have a shorter life than the frames themselves. If deterioration is observed, the original sealant should be raked out, the joint thoroughly cleaned up, and new sealant applied which is compatible with the original.

Cleaning of the sealant should ideally take place at the same time as the windows are cleaned using a mild detergent, sharp objects should not be used during this process.

Traditional oil based mastic sealants depend on a paint overcoat to maintain the service life. Modern polymer sealants are more resistant: over-painting remains desirable with acrylics, is possible but not necessary with polysulphides, and is to be avoided with silicones.

Details of the mastics used will be contained within these documents, please contact the office if further information is required.


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