Glazing Materials


Glazing putties, mastics, gaskets and sealants are likewise subject to some degradation by exposure to weather. Annual inspections can identify any problems before they become serious.

Loose putty should be raked out, replaced with metal casement putty (NOT linseed oil based putty intended for wooden windows) and over painted.

Frames that have been factory finished with a stoved polyester coating will have been glazed originally with special non-setting compounds or with metal beads and sealants that adhere well to the polyester finish and do not require over painting. If defective, they should be raked out, the joint thoroughly cleaned up, and new glazing sealant applied which is suitable for painted metal surfaces.

Insulating double glass units require particular attention to the maintenance of their glazing seals, as the constant presence of water trapped within the glazing rebates will shorten the life of the unit edge seals. Check the outside face of the glazing frame’s bottom rail to see that the glazing seal sheds water and that any drain holes are free from blockage. 


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